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The overall goal of the CMPA Project is to contribute to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in selected areas along the coast of India. This will ultimately benefit the local population depending on healthy marine and coastal ecosystems. To reach this goal, the project strives to achieve three major results:

  • - Development of participatory processes for the conservation and the management of natural resources and their imple­mentation in designated areas along the Indian coast.
  • - Facilitate capacity development of key sectors and stakeholders crucial for management  of coastal and marine biodiversity and protected areas. The measures are implemented at national and state level together with partners to ensure their sustainability.
  • - Facilitate a dedicated information, education and communication program to sensitise key stakeholders for conservation of coastal and marine biodiversity and ecosystem services. 


The Selection of project sites was done through a consultative process including state governments of coastal states, research institutions, non?governmental and civil society organisations.



We work in four coastal states of India:



To read more about the CMPA project, please click on the following CMPA Project Brief


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