Curriculum Development workshop on Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation/ Delhi/ September 18-19, 2018

19 Sep, 2018

A Curriculum Development Workshop was organized by the Indo-German Project “Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation (HWC)” in India at LaLit Hotel in Delhi on 18th-19th September 2018. A total number of 22 participants contributed to the workshop, consisting of International and National experts in the field of capacity development, wildlife, veterinary, media, communications, social sciences, and human resources management as well as officials from the State Forest Departments.

Participants from the workshop at Delhi

The objective of the workshop was to develop the first draft of the competencies-based training curriculum on HWC mitigation for key stakeholders from forest and other sectors. In the first session introductory presentations informed the participants of the project, about the national and international experiences with HWC Mitigation and gave an introduction to the competency framework that was recently developed.

Four groups of participants were formed to work together in all the sessions:

  • Civil society
  • Forest sector
  • Veterinary experts
  • Media professionals and students

The workshop used a group-work format “Knowledge Café” for facilitating participatory discussions among different stakeholder groups, which resulted in identification of training gaps and opportunities in HWC mitigation, required competencies by different stakeholders, eventually leading to development of overall learning outcomes and modularized structure of the curriculum for each stakeholder group.

Workshop ended with an expression of commitment by the participants to contribute in writing of the training materials. The immediate next steps were agreed as finalization of the draft curriculum framework and three writing workshops which are going to be organized in November by the Project.

Participants of the workshop engaged in group discussion

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