Training of Trainers for supporting Biodiversity Management Committees in Maharashtra

26 Aug, 2019

Under the scope of ABS partnership Project a one day ‘Orientation Workshop for Trainers to undertake training for Biodiversity Management Committees’ from forest training institutes and reputed NGOs across the state of Maharashtra was organised at the Van Bhavan, Pune on 26th August 2019. 56 trainers participated in the event.

This workshop focused on orienting a pool of trainers, already working in the field of biodiversity conservation, to conduct need-based trainings at district-level for local organisations and Biodiversity Management Committees (BMC). It helped participants deepen their understanding on efficiently supporting BMCs in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities with live case studies and focusing on the key aspects of the Biological Diversity Act 2002 that strengthen BMCs.

Key sessions focused on:

  • Motivating the Gram Panchayat to form BMCs and making them functional, the role and responsibilities of BMCs, levy fees, consulting with the State Biodiversity Board
  • Process of preparation and community mobilisation to gather information for the People’s Biodiversity Register
  • Experience sharing by proactive BMCs from Ratnagiri district

The participants of this workshop also had the opportunity to register themselves as trainers with the Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board (MSBB). On successful completion of the ToT course, MSBB would use the trainers to conduct state wide BMC trainings and capacity building.