Capacity Development of Producers from Spice Companies on Biodiversity in Four Regions of India

30 Nov, 2019

Four trainings on participatory methodology were conducted in October and November 2019 by the BMU IKI ‘Private Business Action for Biodiversity’ project in collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance. The main objective of the trainings was to identify mechanisms that promote biodiversity-friendly production and commercialisation in the spice sector in the Western Ghats and adjacent landscapes based on the GIZ Manual of Biodiversity Action Plan. The training programme provided technical knowledge on biodiversity integration within the farms as well as in the supply chain of spice companies. This resulted in transferring practical knowledge to farmer group of spice companies in different regions. The methodology used through a "learning by doing" approach which enabled farmers to learn and improve their knowledge, and enhance their skills toward improved farm practices for spice cultivation – while working on their own farms.

Field visit and detailed group discussion provided better learning opportunities to farmers and staff from companies.

The trainings were held at Kadappa (Andhra Pradesh), Katappana (Kerala) and Bellari (Hyderabad) for small farmers. Over 120 producers participated in the trainings which included field staff and agriculture extension officers of Spice companies. Most of the participants were small farmers of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Telangana.

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