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Enhancing Ecosystem-Based Management Capacity for a Diversity of Wetland Stakeholders in Tamil Nadu

30 Sep, 2023

The conservation of wetlands is crucial for environmental sustainability, yet it often faces challenges due to limited capacity in managing these..

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State Level Stakeholder Consultation on Incentive-based Mechanisms and Himachal Pradesh Payment for Ecosystem Services Policy held in Shimla

27 Sep, 2023

Despite the significant contributions of Himalayan forests to ecosystem services, they often remain unrecognised and unrewarded by..

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Sensitisation Workshop for Sustainable Dillseed Cultivation Practices

13 Sep, 2023

The world is grappling with the consequences of a changing climate, and agriculture stands as one of the most vulnerable sectors. This vulnerability is exacerbated by..

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Promoting Sustainable Farming and Agroecology: The Biofach India 2023 Experience

06 Sep, 2023

Organic and natural farming in India plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable agriculture, preserving the environment, and ensuring the..

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