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National Conference on Agro-ecological Basis of Agroforestry: Interaction, Innovation and Invention organised in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh

18 Jun, 2024

Agroforestry combines traditional and modern land-use systems, integrating woody perennials with crop and livestock components to boost productivity while..

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Forest Fire Management Training conducted for the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department in Pachmarhi

24 May, 2024

Massive forest fire incidents, especially in the Indian Western Himalayan region, such as the one in the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary in the Almora district of..

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Workshops on Market Strategies and Product Design for Pine Needles and Bamboo -based Craft in Himachal Pradesh

19 Nov, 2023

Nature-based enterprises led by women can play a crucial role in supporting rural livelihood diversification and strengthening resilience in the face of..

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National Conference on the Working Plan Code 2023 organised for Working Plan Implementing Officers in India

06 Nov, 2023

The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) revised the National Working Plan Code (NWPC) 2014 and released the NWPC 2023 effective as of..

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State level workshop on ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Agroforestry in Uttar Pradesh’ held in Lucknow

20 Oct, 2023

Agroforestry plays a crucial role in enhancing food security, promoting biodiversity, and alleviating poverty. The state of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) is one of..

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Elevating Forest Sustainability: Harnessing 3D Models for Awareness and Conservation in Himachal Pradesh

09 Oct, 2023

Forest ecosystems are crucial for our survival, extending beyond mere timber resources. Mass sensitisation on sustainable forest management has..

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Agroforestry Value-Chains and Market Systems: A Training cum Exposure Visit organised for Forest Department Officials

12 Jun, 2023

The Industrial Agroforestry Consortium assumes a vital role in fostering market linkages, necessitating the active engagement of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) in..

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Celebrating the International Day of Forests at GIZ India

22 Mar, 2023

Forests and agroforests play a central role in standing sentry against various health threats leading to global health challenges. Therefore, the importance and correlation of..

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Brainstorming Workshop on “Integration of Forest Ecosystem Services in Forest Management: Focusing on Water Availability”

28 Feb, 2023

The effective management of forested areas in India is crucial for improving access to water resources, including springs. The National Working Plan..

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One-day Media Workshop on ‘Forests for Future and the Future of Forests: Create an Impact with your Reporting’, held at Shimla

20 Jan, 2023

Media plays an important role in promoting people’s appreciation for Nature and Biodiversity..

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Workshop on Agroforestry for Sustainable Livelihood: Understanding Priorities, Innovative Applied Approaches, Challenges and Opportunities in India

10 Aug, 2022

The importance of agroforestry is being increasingly recognised as a means for increasing farmers’ income and a restoration potential for India’s national and..

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Agroforestry in Bundelkhand: Workshop and Field Visit to Understand Priorities, Challenges and Opportunities

18 Jun, 2022

Unsustainable agriculture has become one of the major challenges in the drylands of the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.). Farmers face various issues in the..

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Workshop on Strengthening Cooperation and Communication with Partners

23 May, 2022

For the quality of project implementation, persistent and productive interaction with project counterparts plays a key..

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Awareness Workshop on Forest Ecosystem Services Approach and Incentive-Based Mechanisms

20 Mar, 2022

The policymakers of the Government of Himachal Pradesh (H.P.) had expressed a keen interest to explore concurrent approaches such as..

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Training on Forest Ecosystem Services and Incentive-Based Mechanisms for Himachal and Uttarakhand

16 Dec, 2021

The ‘Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystem Services’ project is working towards strengthening the Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand forest departments and..

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Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystem Services Project launched in Himachal Pradesh

01 Sep, 2021

The Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystem Services (FES) Project was successfully launched by the Hon’ble Forest Minister of..

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