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Highlights from National Spice Conference 2023 in Hyderabad

18 Nov, 2023

The second National Spice Conference (NSC) held on November 18-19, 2023, in Hyderabad, aimed to address challenges and promote responsible practices..

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Empowering Farmers through Cross-Regional Knowledge Exchange: Cumin Farmers' Exposure Visit in Erode, Tamil Nadu

03 Oct, 2023

The DPP Spice Project organized a farmer's exposure visit from 3-6 October, 2023, aiming to promote sustainable farming practices and..

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Sensitisation Workshop for Sustainable Dillseed Cultivation Practices

13 Sep, 2023

The world is grappling with the consequences of a changing climate, and agriculture stands as one of the most vulnerable sectors. This vulnerability is exacerbated by..

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Promoting Sustainable Farming and Agroecology: The Biofach India 2023 Experience

06 Sep, 2023

Organic and natural farming in India plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable agriculture, preserving the environment, and ensuring the..

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Training of Trainers(TOT) on Sustainable Cumin Cultivation Practices in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

24 Aug, 2023

In a significant development aimed at sustainable farming practices in the spice industry, the DPP Spices project, jointly executed by..

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Sensitisation Workshop for Celery Farmers in Kurukshetra on Sustainable Agriculture Practices

22 Aug, 2023

Amid growing concerns over the excessive use of agrochemicals in spice farming, a pivotal workshop on sustainable agricultural practices took place in..

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Training of Master Trainers on Sustainable and Organic Turmeric Cultivation

06 Jul, 2023

Training for trainers in sustainable and organic farming is a crucial step in enhancing farmers’ capacities and making them self-sufficient, thus ensuring the..

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Sensitization Workshop on Sustainable Turmeric Cultivation Practices, Chamarajanagar, Karnataka

03 Jun, 2023

The world is facing the consequences of a changing climate and agriculture is one of the most vulnerable sectors. Along with this heavy usage of..

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Training on Biodiversity Action Plan with Turmeric Farmers in Tamil Nadu

19 Apr, 2023

Biodiversity plays a crucial role in maintaining and sustaining different agroecosystems. In addition to this, it improves soil health as well as crop health and..

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Training for Cardamom Farmers in Kerala from 2nd March to 5th March 2023

06 Mar, 2023

Cardamom is the queen of spices in India. Idukki district in Kerala is the leading producer for Cardamom. However, Cardamom plantations are..

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Farmers Exchange Visit at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, from 28th Jan to 2nd Feb 2023

03 Feb, 2023

Exchange visits are an ideal way of sharing knowledge and experiences between farmers. It not only leads to mutual knowledge increase but..

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DPP Spices Project Partners with the International Spice Conference, 2023

23 Jan, 2023

International Spice Conference 2023 (ISC 2023) was held on January 19-22nd, 2023, in ITC Grand Chola, Chennai. The conference was attended by..

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Trainings on Sustainable Practices for Cardamom Farmers in Kerala

14 Nov, 2022

The cardamom plantation itself is a biodiversity-rich farm. However, the overuse of agrochemicals in recent decades has had negative impacts in the..

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First Edition of National Spice Conference: 6th and 7th October 2022

09 Oct, 2022

GIZ DPP spices project in collaboration with World Spice Organization (WSO) and IDH - the sustainable trade initiative of Netherlands, organized a..

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Participation of Leading Farmers’ Group in BIOFACH INDIA 2022 from Three Project States from 1st to 3rd September 2022

07 Sep, 2022

BIOFACH INDIA is a leading Trade Fair and Exhibition for the Organic Industry in India, organized by Nürnberg Messe, India. The event was held under..

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Three Trainings in Tamil Nadu on Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition: Linkages with the Health of Women Farmers Involved in Spice Production

25 Aug, 2022

Biodiversity plays a crucial role in human nutrition through its influence on the quality of food production as it ensures the sustainable productivity of..

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Farmers’ Training on Post-Harvest Processing of Turmeric in Tamil Nadu

02 Apr, 2022

Post-harvest management is a system of handling, storing, and transporting agricultural commodities after harvest. It plays an important role in the..

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Training on Internal Control System for Organic Certification of Spices

09 Mar, 2022

A two-day training on Internal Control System (ICS) for organic production of spices was organised from 8-9 March 2022. ICS is a part of a..

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Yellow Sticky Traps Reduce Pesticide Use in Cumin production at Rajasthan

12 Dec, 2021

Cumin, commonly known in Hindi as jeera, is a widely used spice in various food cuisines and carries inbuilt medicinal properties. It is a prominent seed spice crop with..

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Training Sessions on Sustainable Turmeric Cultivation in Tamil Nadu

23 Oct, 2021

A series of training sessions on ‘Sustainable Turmeric Cultivation Practices’ were organised from 18 – 23 October 2021 with the farmers from..

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Second Virtual Training on Sustainable Farming Practices with Cardamom Farmers in Kerala

14 Jul, 2021

India is the largest producer, consumer, and exporter of spices in the world and accounts for half of the global spices trade. Millions of Indian farmers are..

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Sustainable farming practices for Cardamom Cultivation: Training Cardamom Farmers in Kerala

28 Jun, 2021

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy and small and marginal farmers are the major contributors. Moreover, India is the largest producer, consumer, and..

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