Training Expedition conducted by CMPA project on marine fisheries for the managers of forest, fisheries and Indian Coast Guard officials

19 Apr, 2017

Training Expedition on "Sustainable Management of Marine Fisheries for Conserving Coastal and Marine Resources" conducted during April 19 -21, 2017 at Veraval, Gujarat. The participants were senior Managers from Forest and Fisheries departments, and from the Indian Coast Guard. The expedition was organized jointly by GIZ, Wildlife Institute of India and Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) Regional Center- Veraval together with the Gujarat Forest Department.

The participants of the training Expedition had the following four learning outcomes: Outline concepts and issues related to managing coastal and marine biodiversity, and sustainable fisheries management; Identify 50 key coastal and marine species found in Gujarat; Understand the relevance of community involvement and cross-sector cooperation for coastal and marine resource conservation; and Explain, with examples, the ecosystem approach to fisheries management.


The training expedition used a participatory training approach, and included field visits to deepen the knowledge of participants on commercial scale fisheries management, traditional fisheries management, and the life and culture of fishworkers. The indoor sessions were used to create a better understanding on the interdependence of coastal and marine biodiversity and fisheries; concepts and models of sustainable fisheries management; legal and governance aspects; and the principles and practices of cross-sector communication. The participants were engaged via expert inputs, discussions and role plays. The participants also worked towards being ‘Thematic champions” on the topic of their choice in the domain of coastal and marine ecosystems and fisheries management.


For seeking further details on the training expedition, please contact Dr. Neeraj Khera at

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