2018 ESP Asia conference: Call for abstracts open now!

24 May, 2018

GIZ in collaboration with Himachal Pradesh Forest Department is organising a session on “Integrating Forest Ecosystems Services (ES) Approach into Forest Management in Himalayan Landscape” in the 2nd ESP Asia conference. This session is designed to synthesize the process for integrating ES approach into forest management within the framework of 2014 Working Plan Code developed by Government of India. In India the new working plan code 2014 provides an excellent opportunity to integrate forest ecosystem services approach into forest management.

Goal is of session is to Strengthening of ecosystem services based forest management in Himalayan landscapes. Experts with experience in formulation of divisional forest working / management plan and ES will join this session.

The session is going to be hosted by Mr Sanjay Tomar GIZ and there co-host is Mr Alok P Nagar Himachal Pradesh Forest Department. Please find below the further details about the session:

  • Theme: Communicating and Engaging Ecosystem Services in Policy and Practice in Asia
  • Location: Dehradun, India
  • Venue: Wildlife Institute of India (WII)
  • Date: 9-12 October 2018
  • ID: S3b

The main objectives behind the session are to identify process management, planning and appropriate tools for the integration of ES into forest and to formulate policy recommendations to integrate ES in the management of Himalayan landscapes.

Currently the call for abstracts for presentations is open with a deadline 25th June 2018. For further information, registration and abstract-submission see: http://www.espconference.org/asia2018#.WwUrpH_hXIU

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