An Interactive Workshop on Awareness Generation and the Implementation of Pilot Studies in Uttarakhand

15 Dec, 2017

The Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Partnership Project organised an interactive workshop for officers from the Uttarakhand Forest Department on 14th November 2017 at Dehradun. The workshop focused on the awareness generation and validation of pilot studies conducted on bio-resource assessment and value chain analysis of ABS potential species/products in selected districts of Uttarakhand. 

This one day workshop provided an opportunity for exchange of ideas on the implementation of Biodiversity Act 2002. An interactive session on the topic of ABS in Uttarakhand was discussed among officers of the Forest Department, State Biodiversity Board, scientists, NGOs and technical support groups. The discussion focussed on the results of the pilot studies conducted on ABS potential bio-resources and their value chain analysis in selected districts of Uttarakhand.
Dr. Aeshita Mukherjee informed the audience about the Indo-German ABS Partnership Project and presented the methodology, tools and techniques that the project will use to implement the Biological Diversity Act 2002 vis-à-vis ABS in Uttarakhand and the other project states in India. 
Dr. Peerzada Ishtiyak moderated the technical session which focussed on the pertinent issues of implementation of Biological Diversity Act 2002. Discussions were also held on the ABS potential bio-resources and their value chain in the state. The initiatives of the ABS Partnership Project for strengthening the capacities of the stakeholders and awareness generation were appreciated.
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